Key Themes


LightLadder is designed around seven key themes, which are investigated throughout the Breakthrough Workshops:

Master the energy that forms, animates, and regenerates your physical body. Explore the 10 Major Human Systems, the Chakras, and Conscious Well-Being.Discover how the universe works, and how quantum events affect you in every moment. Review the latest discoveries in this fascinating field, and develop an understanding of how you create your reality.Activate the power of this subtle sense to bring greater wisdom and meaning to your life. Strengthen your intuitive skills with a variety of eye-opening exercises.Get acquainted with the 7 Human Privileges, and explore how they intensify your personal power and abilities.Examine a variety of beliefs about who we truly are. Find your own answers to the great questions... 'Who am I? Why am I here?'Experience the Joy of Excellence as you boost your performance in every area of life. Find out how easy it is to go above and beyond.Stretch your boundaries with mental exercises that open up new possibilities. Gain surprising insights into how you think, speak, and act... and then put those insights to work for you.






These themes provide a multidimensional view of human experience, and each one introduces tools and capabilities to achieve deep and lasting personal transformation.

As you gain a new understanding of your life experience and your perspective, you will master the art of reinventing yourself. You will come face to face with your unlimited potential, and become an expert in living at your highest level.