LightLadder Seminars – General Video Release

(Must be completed for anyone on the set who appears on camera and is not a crew member.)

AGREEMENT made and entered into as of (date) _____________________by and between Lightladder Incorporated and ____________________________ (the “Guest/ Observer”) relating to the videotape pictures (tentatively titled “Sizzle Reel” and “Seminars”).

Guest/Observer consents to our making of these pictures and still photographs of you and/or sound recordings of your voice and/or other sound effects; and that all or any part thereof may be distributed and exhibited by LightLadder Incorporated.

  1. Guest/Observer hereby agrees not to claim any royalties or additional monies in relation to the Picture.
  2. All parties to this agreement understand that this agreement is complete as represented here, that no other terms and conditions, including any oral discussion, apply and that the producers are proceeding in express reliance on the foregoing agreement.



____________________________                    __________________________

Guest/Observer – Printed  Name                      Guest/Observer – Signature / Date